Our Team

The individual commitment of a dynamic team is what makes us




A Pioneer Entrepreneur in Muslim Community in Singapore

Mr. Matt Sultan Sam has always been a Visionary with 'the sky the limits' of ideas running in his wild imagination. His whole knowledge of business experience started at the tender age of nine years old when he assisted his mother. The two would go door to door doing sales. His late mother Mdm. Sultan Bee Sheh Abdul Kader's sincerity, will power and determination crafted, nurtured and mentored her son Mr. Matt Sultan Sam today.

Always thinking out of the box, Mr. Matt Sultan Sam established Ophir Electronics - Pioneering Muslim Industries in the whole of Singapore being the first to operate an I.T firm in Sim Lim Square. Working 48 hours round the clock tirelessly making sure each project is completed without any hitch or glitch is the norm practice, and the longest lasted 76 hours. 'Quality Control' has and always been his first & only agenda.

Matt always believed in team work and delegate other priorities to his trusted side-kick Mr. Dann Sam, his brother, on the marketing front while his task would be on the technical aspect,  sourcing and dealing with manufacturer, wholesaler and traders in the I.T industries. Ms. Evarina Jani become Matt's second side-kick building her knowledge in I.T Programing and Designing for a period covering more than a decade.

Proud to say that presently, Matt & Eva have established their presence since 2006 and till date we have completed eight running and working portals meant for South East Asia and Middle East markets. Having been in Information & Technology since 1986, Matt's vision on the industry gives a clear statement where he is heading.

Matt & Eva have eight more portals pending, awaiting for venture capitalist before we could proceed further. We are presently stationed in State of Johor, Malaysia, working on more proposals.